Product Description:

WAKA SoPro PA10000 is the smart choice for those seeking exceptional performance and affordability. With an 850mAh battery and the capacity to deliver 10,000 puffs, it caters to your ever-changing needs. Its 27 flavour options provide a diverse vaping experience.

The modern aesthetic design not only enhances functionality but also appeals to young and fashion-conscious consumers. Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional smoking – no need for matches or lighters, and no ash residue. This vape is user-friendly, simple to use, and easy to carry and maintain.

WAKA SoPro PA10000 offers outstanding value for money, making it ideal for budget-conscious consumers who refuse to compromise on quality. Its sleek and stylish appearance combined with advanced features ensures an enjoyable and convenient vaping experience. Choose WAKA SoPro PA10000 and immerse yourself in worry-free vaping pleasure.

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Product Features:

  • Size: 45.6*28*94.8mm
  • Net weight: 70g
  • Flavour options: 27
  • E-liquid Capacity: 18ml
  • Battery Type: rechargeable-USB type-C
  • Battery capacity: 850mAh
  • Puffs: 10000Puffs
  • Nicotine Level: 5%(50mg/mL)

Pack Contents:

  • you will get 5 × WAKA SoPro in this combo
  • Big capacity of total puffs of 50,000 puffs at this affordable price
  • Pick your own preferred flavours in your order
  • Delivery guarantee
  • Discreet package

40 reviews for WAKA SoPro PA10000 BUY 4 GET 1 FREE (PICK YOUR OWN FLAVOURS)

  1. James Patterson

    Super impressed with the quality, this lasting for a week. it worth for this price.

  2. Emily Thompson

    On our family get-together, my cousin showcased her new disposable vape. Intrigued, I got one for myself. The website’s layout made my choice simple, and the delivery tracking feature kept me updated. The product itself? Fantastic. Consistent puffs and an elegant design.

  3. Michael Anderson

    Bought a bunch for my brother’s bachelor party. They were a hit! The ease of use and choice of flavours made them perfect for the occasion.

  4. Emily Johnson

    Bought this vape for my brother’s birthday. I wasn’t expecting much given the price, but boy, was I wrong. The quality is superb and he’s been raving about it non-stop. Plus, the customer service was top-notch!

  5. Ava Thompson

    I love that there’s no maintenance required. Just vape and toss.

  6. William Harrison

    Bought a bunch for a friend’s birthday bash at a local bar. The sleek design and varied flavours added a modern touch to the party. The cherry on top? The affordable pricing didn’t break the bank!

  7. Emma Roberts

    The classic tobacco flavour is smooth and authentic. Great for transitioning smokers.

  8. Caleb Walsh

    Decided to treat myself with a disposable vape after seeing so many people at my college using them. Purchased online, and the entire transaction was straightforward. The delivery was prompt, and the vape itself has this premium feel. flavour is rich and the vape’s design gets me compliments all the time.

  9. Brian Carter

    I’ve always been skeptical about disposable vapes, but after purchasing one for my cousin, I was pleasantly surprised. The durability has been impressive and shipping was lightning fast.

  10. Michael Anderson

    I recently bought a disposable vape as a surprise for my best friend, and she absolutely loved it! Not only was the delivery super quick, but the quality was far beyond our expectations. She’s been using it for weeks and it’s still going strong!

  11. Leah Montgomery

    Ordered one for my husband, hoping it might be a better alternative to his regular smoking. The purchasing was a breeze with easy payment options. It was delivered faster than expected, and he’s been loving the transition. The standout for him? The diverse flavour profiles and the smooth vaping experience.

  12. Kylie Duncan

    My work buddy’s been raving about her new vape, so thought of getting one for my girlfriend. The online store was well-organized with genuine user reviews. Delivered within the promised timeline, my girlfriend’s been praising its longevity and the depth of flavours it offers.

  13. Ava Nelson

    I’ve tried many disposable vapes, but the waka sopro pa10000 stands out. The dual mesh coil, allowing for smooth or boosted mode, gives me control over my vaping experience. The generous capacity, rechargeable battery, and the big puff count make this a standout product in the market. This combo is a steal, offering quality, innovation, and value. Thank you, waka, for this unparalleled experience!

  14. Christopher Roberts

    I got a disposable vape for my husband as a small gift. He’s quite picky, but to my delight, he was genuinely impressed! The quality and longevity are unmatched, especially for the price.

  15. Jessica Smith

    I wanted to get something special for my roommate, and this disposable vape was just the ticket. She loved the sleek design and said it lasted much longer than other brands she’s tried. Also, kudos to the customer service team for their prompt responses.

  16. Victoria Ashworth

    I was attracted to the waka sopro pa10000 because of its reputation as one of the most potent vaping devices out there. It lives up to the hype with its 18ml capacity and 850mah battery. The dual mesh coil technology and intense vaping experience have exceeded my expectations. Five stars!

  17. Liam Parker

    I was initially drawn to the sleek design of the waka sopro, but it’s the performance that truly won me over. 10,000 puffs per device is phenomenal, and the 18mL capacity ensures that I can enjoy my vape for longer periods without worrying about a refill. The boost mode is a game changer for an intense vape. A product that delivers on all fronts!

  18. Sophia Anderson

    The waka sopro pa10000 is a revelation in vaping technology. The 18mL capacity, coupled with the 850mAh battery, has extended my vaping sessions like never before. Switching between normal and boost mode is a breeze, offering flexibility and enjoyment. Highly recommended for cloud chasers and anyone looking for a powerful vape!

  19. Jameson Bennett

    I recently purchased the waka sopro pa10000, and I am blown away by its performance. The dual mesh technology is something special, allowing me to switch between normal and boost mode. The extra large clouds and the strong vape have truly enhanced my vaping experience.

  20. Mason Roberts

    The waka sopro 4 get 1 combo is a deal that no vaper should miss. The total puffs of 50,000 at an affordable price are beyond anything I’ve seen in the market. The dual mesh coil technology offers an intense and smooth experience. usb type c charging is a nice touch. Can’t ask for more from a vape!

  21. Olivia Sterling

    The waka sopro is by far one of the best vapes I’ve ever used. With an 850m ah battery and an 18ml capacity, I can enjoy up to 10,000 puffs without having to recharge. The usb type c charge port adds convenience. It’s an absolute must have for vape enthusiasts like me.

  22. Nathaniel Clarke

    What really caught my eye was the waka sopro 4 get 1 combo, offering an impressive total of 50,000 puffs at a very affordable price. I have never come across such a generous offer before. a fantastic deal for an outstanding product!

  23. Elijah Montgomery

    With 18ml per vape and 10,000 puffs per device, waka sopro offers an extended vaping experience I’ve never seen before. The boost mode gives me an intense vaping experience whenever I want, and the extra large clouds are simply mesmerizing.

  24. Chloe Lewis

    The extra large clouds produced by the waka sopro pa10000 are astounding. The stronger vape gives an unforgettable flavour experience, and the option to switch between modes allows me to tailor my vaping to my preferences. With a complimentary puff included in this combo, it’s a deal that exceeds all expectations!

  25. Coriander Firebloom

    This Waka SoPro vape is an absolute powerhouse. The long-lasting battery life, substantial capacity, and unique ability to switch between modes make for a fantastic vaping experience. And the extra device in the combo deal? Just perfect.

  26. Seraphim Windwhisper

    I’m genuinely impressed with the durability of Waka SoPro. The long-lasting battery ensures a lengthy vaping session, and the option to pick my own flavours makes it an even more personalized experience. The bonus product in the combo deal is the cherry on top. Exceeded all my expectations!

  27. Ambrosius Sunflame

    I love the extended battery life and the option to switch between different modes for the ideal vaping experience. The combo deal is an absolute steal, particularly with the added bonus of a free device. Excellent product, and a delightful vaping experience.

  28. Andromeda Fawley

    The battery life and puff count of this device are extraordinary. Plus, the added benefit of boost mode for a stronger vape experience makes this one of my favourite vaping devices. Also, the USB Type-C charge port is a huge plus. This combo deal is the cherry on top!

  29. Ignatius Quill

    An exceptional vaping experience! The dual mesh technology in this vape is a revelation. I love being able to switch between normal and boost modes depending on my mood. And, the bonus unit in this 4 get 1 free deal is a total win. Don’t miss out!

  30. Valkyrie Snowhaven

    The combination of the sizable capacity and the power of the rechargeable battery makes this vape a real winner. The ability to switch between modes is a unique feature that I haven’t seen in other vapes. The added device in the combo deal is an unbeatable value.

  31. Evander Stonegarden

    The sizable capacity and long-lasting battery are both impressive, but it’s the dual mesh coil technology that’s a real game-changer. The combo deal is hard to resist, especially with the addition of a free device. Truly a top-notch vaping experience.

  32. Nathaniel Chase

    Love the waka sopro pa10000 for my camping trips. The long lasting battery life ensures I don’t have to worry about recharging during my weekend escapes. And the ability to switch between normal and boost mode offers me full control over my vaping experience. This device is truly built for the outdoors.

  33. Persephone Hollis

    This vape device is remarkable! With its sizeable capacity and long-lasting battery, my vaping sessions last longer than ever. The ability to switch between normal and boost mode has upped my vaping game. And, the 4 plus 1 deal is unbeatable. I’m ecstatic with my purchase!

  34. Harrison Brook

    The waka sopro pa10000 is a tech lover’s dream. The dual mesh coil technology and the choice of switching between modes is just brilliant. The large battery capacity coupled with a usb type-c charge port is a godsend, ensuring my vape is always ready when I am. This isn’t just a vape; it’s a marvel of modern technology!

  35. Stellan Goodwin

    I’m really impressed by the battery life and the puff count of this disposable vape. The dual mesh coil technology is a game changer, providing extra large clouds. What’s more, the USB Type-C port makes recharging a breeze. Can’t recommend enough!

  36. Ethan Asher

    The waka sopro pa10000 is not just a vape, but a statement piece. Its sleek design pairs well with my modern aesthetic, and the custom flavour options allow me to personalize my vaping experience to my taste preferences. It’s the perfect blend of form and function.

  37. Madison Pierce

    For my roommate’s birthday, I ordered this disposable vape as a surprise. The website was so user-friendly with clear categories, making my purchase swift. Shipped in just two days, it was meticulously packed. My roommate loves it! He especially admires the battery life. When he had an issue understanding the features, the customer support was rapid and patient.

  38. Olivia Hazel

    As an experienced vaper, I’ve tried numerous devices, but the waka sopro pa10000 is a standout. The impressive 10,000 puff capacity is unrivaled and the cloud production is just phenomenal. The flavour experience is also greatly enhanced by the dual mesh coil system. It’s the best vape I’ve had hands down.

  39. Isolde Langley

    This combo offer is just too good to pass up. The vape’s dual modes are a hit for me – it’s like getting two devices in one. Not to mention, the flavours are fantastic! A fantastic vaping experience, if you ask me.

  40. Isabella Dawn

    The waka sopro pa10000 is a steal for the price! Not only do you get a potent vape with 10,000 puffs, but the 4 get 1 combo deal is an incredible value. It’s a top quality product without the hefty price tag.

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