Product Description:

Introducing the IGET LEGEND, featuring the exquisite flavour of Plain Coffee that caters to coffee enthusiasts.You can enjoy long hours of vaping without frequent recharges, making it perfect for coffee breaks or extended outings.Additionally, the IGET LEGEND excels in its social convenience. Its minimal odor production allows you to indulge in your coffee-flavoured vape without disturbing those around you. Vape discreetly and enjoy your coffee-flavoured clouds without inconveniencing others.

Portability is another key feature of this vape. Its compact and lightweight design makes it incredibly portable, allowing you to experience the freedom of vaping wherever you go. Last but not least, the IGET LEGEND stands out with its stylish and modern design. It not only delivers powerful functionality but also appeals to your aesthetic senses.

Product Features:

  • Size:22*22*122mm
  • Net weight:62g
  • Flavour:PLAIN COFFEE
  • Flavour options:26
  • E-liquid Capacity:12ml
  • Battery Type:Pre-charged
  • Battery capacity:1350mAh
  • Puffs:4000Puffs
  • Nicotine Level:5% (50mg/mL)

Pack Contents:

  • Product: IGET LEGEND
  • Flavour: PLAIN COFFEE


  1. Peter H.

    That’s why I like ivapeman so much all these flavours are very nice and good on price so give them a try for yourself

  2. Airica M.

    EBest vape on this site

  3. Tiffany W.


  4. Chad

    Great love it I will be ordering more

  5. Tom R.

    For me by far the best disposable on the market. Flavour, strength and size are just perfect for me

  6. Griffin S.

    Nice fresh taste. Good size, not bulky.

  7. Katherine O.

    iGet Legend Disposable Vape Pod (4000 Puffs) | Great Valued Flavour

  8. Sarah G.

    Such a nice flavour!! This is my absolute favourite now, ivapeman is also my favourite vape site and I always feel comfortable with the quality of its products and services

  9. Janet R.

    I like ivapeman very much because of its product quality, the logistics service quality is very good, it has a lot of flavors for me to choose, the number of mouth is large, and the battery durability is long, so I have been using ivapeman vape, I like it very much

  10. Jack W.

    ivapeman runs Good vapes,fast delivery,and they are good quality products at great prices and also have lots of activities that save me a lot of money!!

  11. Kate.A

    I was pleasantly surprised by the vpae on ivapeman’s website!  They have so many flavors that I love!  There are many flavors to choose from.

  12. Matthew P.

    I love ivapeman’s vape, it makes me linger, I love some combo, it gives me more choices and offers, I will continue to buy

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IGET LEGEND & PLAIN COFFEE - 18ml, 5% Nicotine, 7000 Puffs, 19 Flavour Options. IGET LEGEND & PLAIN COFFE...


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