Product Description:

Experience the delightful fusion of flavours with our IGET LEGEND series, featuring the tantalizing Strawberry Kiwi Ice. Customize your vaping journey and savor the ultimate smoking experience tailored just for you.

IGET LEGEND is a trusted brand renowned for quality and innovation in the vape industry. With pre-charged batteries and a generous e-liquid capacity of 12ml, our products are designed to provide convenience and longevity for your vaping pleasure. Say goodbye to the hassle of frequent refills and enjoy 4000 puffs of pure satisfaction. Our vapes offer a safer and healthier alternative, allowing you to continue relishing the pleasures of smoking without the burden. What’s more, their low operating costs make them an economically sound choice for long-term use. Elevate your smoking experience with IGET LEGEND and discover a world where smoking becomes a source of enjoyment, not a liability.

Product Features:

  • Size:22*22*122mm
  • Net weight:62g
  • Flavour options:26
  • E-liquid Capacity:12ml
  • Battery Type:Pre-charged
  • Battery capacity:1350mAh
  • Puffs:4000Puffs
  • Nicotine Level:5% (50mg/mL)

Pack Contents:

  • Product: IGET LEGEND
Weight0.055 kg
Dimensions2.2 × 2.2 × 12.2 cm


  1. Judi Hastings

    My communication with the seller gave me peace of mind and I knew I was dealing with a reputable person • Business. It was a gift and he was very happy. Don’t hesitate. The product and, of course, the seller are all top notch in my opinion.

  2. Bonnie Sassoon

    We love this product! It’s something we’ve crafted, and it seems to be very useful. There was a delay in delivery, but it was never the seller’s fault, and they were very kind when I reached out for help.

  3. Una Terry

    The quality is good, the transportation speed is fast, the workmanship is good, I like the taste very much, I have tried different taste, they all satisfy me, I will buy again

  4. Steve R.

    It was nicely packaged, light weight and the product was exactly as described. No issues whatsoever!

  5. Derek Z.

    High quality product, great price, and a quick delivery. I’m extremely satisfied with this product and the customer experience overall..

  6. Tom Chamberlain

    Very good quality and functional article. I recommend it as a personalized gift that makes a difference to the person who receives it.

  7. Lacey L.

    I already own one and bought this as a gift! They seem to love it as much as I did! Easy to use, tastes great, stays charged for a decent amount of time.

  8. Jeanna R.

    very nice size..very powerful..cute vape for starters


    The craftsmanship was perfect and my husband (who is very picky and fussy) loved the gift and used it from day one. I will definitely shop at this store again.

  10. Jared Veblen

    Very good and helpful salesman… I’m satisfied with the quality and workmanship. I’ll order again. Fast transportation, recommended

  11. Dawn B.

    Amazing ! Fast shipping! Love

  12. Gregory T

    Wonderful service very fast

  13. Melissa S.

    Rips pretty good going straight off vapes.. nice little vape so I’ll stick with it.

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IGET LEGEND & STRAWBERRY KIWI ICE - 18ml, 5% Nicotine, 7000 Puffs, 19 Flavour Options. IGET LEGEND & STRAWBERRY ...


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