Product Description:

Experience the zesty delight of ORANGE MELON LEMON flavour with IGET LEGEND. This economically priced vape offers long-term usage with its low operating costs. Its stylish, modern design not only boasts functionality but also aesthetic appeal. At just $27.50, it’s an eco-friendly and affordable smoking alternative, this lightweight device boasts a 12ml e-liquid capacity, pre-charged 1350mAh battery.Elevate your vaping journey with IGET LEGEND.

Say goodbye to disposable tobacco packs and filters, as the IGET LEGEND is an eco-friendly alternative, reducing waste. Elevate your vaping experience with the IGET LEGEND and enjoy the perfect blend of flavour, design, and sustainability.

Product Features:

  • Size:22*22*122mm
  • Net weight:62g
  • Flavour options:26
  • E-liquid Capacity:12ml
  • Battery Type:Pre-charged
  • Battery capacity:1350mAh
  • Puffs:4000Puffs
  • Nicotine Level:5% (50mg/mL)

Pack Contents:

  • Product: IGET LEGEND


  1. Trudy Gilmour

    Great and authentic product

  2. Jeffrey J.

    High quality disposables at a good price with quick and easy delivery

  3. Heather H.

    The flavors of the vapes are amazing. The line up of items are great and many choices. The ice ones are some of the best flavors. It’s cheaper to get them online and you get discounts the more you order. I recommend trying these vapes ? ?

  4. Angelyn P.

    Favorite product & fast shipping

  5. Susan G.

    Will definitely buy again.

  6.  J.

    Always great, love this flavour

  7. Nuulua Iosefa

    Love this vape, good flavour and it lasts.

  8. Declan

    Excellent product and service

  9. Josh K.

    Great Value iGet® Legend Disposable Vape Pod (4000 Puffs)

  10. Z.B.

    This stuff is AMAZING!

  11. Ashlie M.

    Flavours pretty average. Prefer iget bars

  12. Louisa T.

    Great product and the best disposable around

  13. Leeann Rhind

    Product is brilliant and quickly dispatched at a very reasonable price. 

  14. Nicholas

    All the flavours I have tried up to now have been great, can’t wait to try some of the other flavours,ivapeman

  15. Shirley Parker

    This flavor is great

  16. Nathan M.

    They’re great value and the flavor never dies, u would recommend them to anyone

  17. Zahra F.

    Ever since I bought vpae, I have enjoyed browsing the products on ivapeman because they have so many choices, so many flavors, and so many sips that I can trust them.  ivapeman is as good as ever and I will continue

  18. Donna P.

    One of my favorite vape sites is Ivapeman, which offers a wide range of combo products as well as a wide range of other products for every texture, flavor, and efficiency you want

  19. Brian E.

    I enjoyed this one it was very nice

  20. Istvanne T.

    Definitely my favourite flavour. Quick delivery too!So ivapeman surprised me. The first time I bought the product, I had a very different experience. I will continue to buy it back!!!

  21. Peter H.

    Delicious flavour, not sickly sweet, vape is well made. Delicious flavour, not sickly sweet, vape is well made.  ivapeman

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IGET LEGEND & ORANGE MELON LEMON - 18ml, 5% Nicotine, 7000 Puffs, 19 Flavour Options. IGET LEGEND & ORANGE MELO...


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