Product Description:

Introducing the IGET GOAT (PRO), an exceptional vape device designed to elevate your vaping experience. With its sleek and pocket-friendly design, measuring at 23*23*122mm and weighing only 66.7g, it’s the ideal companion for those who are always on the move.One of the standout features of the IGET GOAT (PRO) is its diverse range of flavours, including the tantalizing STRAWBERRY KIWI. With 13 flavour options, it caters to various taste preferences, ensuring every user can find their perfect match.

Powered by a pre-charged 1800mAh battery, this device offers an impressive 5000 puffs, delivering an extended and hassle-free vaping experience. The 1.0-ohm coil resistance guarantees consistent vapour production with each draw. Choose from a variety of colours to match your style and enjoy an affordable, flavourful, and satisfying vaping experience with the IGET GOAT (PRO). Its exceptional performance and value for money make it a top choice for vape enthusiasts seeking quality and convenience.

Product Features:

  • Size:23*23*122mm
  • Net weight:66.7g
  • Flavour options:13
  • E-liquid Capacity:13ml
  • Battery Type:Pre-charged
  • Battery capacity:1800mAh
  • Puffs:5000 Puffs
  • Nicotine Level:5% (50mg/mL)

Pack Contents:

  • Product:IGET GOAT
Weight0.0667 kg
Dimensions2.3 × 2.3 × 12.2 cm


  1. Carr

    My new favorite vape,Seriously the best vape, especially if you like sweets! It hits so smooth.

  2. Stanley Stewart

    This vapes has a good sense of class in its appearance and design. It has a small size, and the flavour of the cigarette is strawberry, which is sweet and straight into the mouth. It is very recommended for you to start

  3. Stephanie H

    Hits exactly as you’d expect the adjustable intake is a nice perk for flavour concentration. All on all pretty good helps keep back cravings of like me you’re trying to quit or ween down

  4. Tyler Kaur

    I just bought IGET GOAT, which has a very good taste. It tastes like strawberry with some mint. Other things like watermelon and mango are also very good

  5. Stanley Stewart

    the vapes received, very satisfied, exhaled smoke is also slightly sweet, than the air freshener to comfortable too much, will let a person in a good mood, thank the business, delivery quickly

  6. Daniel Jenkins

    This vapes has a good sense of class in its appearance and design. It has a small size, and the flavour of the cigarette is strawberry, which is sweet and straight into the mouth. It is very recommended for you to start

  7. Finlay Doyle

    The experience of smoking rises several levels. My girlfriend says that the smoke has a light fruit aroma, which is much more comfortable than real smoke. This yan tastes really good,I love that disposable vapes come in a range of nicotine strengths

  8. Jamie Grant

    The IGET GOAT is a high-quality disposable electronic cigarette that offers a great vaping experience.It is a waste of real smoke to smoke a few bites out, this does not use an ashtray, do not fear fire, do not play soot, praise, inhalation lung is very comfortable, the taste does not lose real smoke

  9. Jo Rodgers

    This is not the first time for me to buy, so I feel very reassured that the seller makes me feel reliable.

  10. Jen N.

    As always, great product, excellent customer service, fast delivery. My go-to store for all things vape!

  11. Peter Q.

    I already own one and bought this as a gift! They seem to love it as much as I did! Easy to use, tastes great, stays charged for a decent amount of time.

  12. Jonathan C.

    Rips pretty good going straight off vapes.. nice little vape so I’ll stick with it.

  13. Joyce B.

    As always, excellent service and speed from the seller, the machine is a great vape, will definitely order from you all again!

  14. Jeffrey caon

    Tasty!Great flavor!

  15. Eden Jailene

    This vapes is perfect! Shipping is so fast. The overall experience is superb! I will definitely shop here again!

  16. Shelby Gerdes

    I ordered a few pieces from this store and they are very nice every time. They are beautiful and high quality vapes!

  17. candace l.

    Great place to do business with, highly recommend.

  18. Nicholas Hilton

    As always…awesome products. Smooth flavors. Not everyone is great but I love trying them!

  19. Cory P.

    Flavor is great, price was right. Loved the bulk discount.

  20. Jacy pink

    The peach one is great but the grape one taste terrible

  21. Cassidy

    This was ok

  22. Johnathan Woelfel

    The quality is excellent, the taste is excellent, I have been using this vape for a long time, my impression of this vape is the best, I don’t think I will replace it in the future

  23. Christina Peters

    My friend recommended this project to me, I feel very lucky, yes, I came to buy again, the seller’s communication is very friendly, thank you

  24. Sarah Hochstrasser

    If you want to change your taste or brand, I think this is the best choice for you. The seller’s service is very reassuring

  25. Jeffrey Jacky

    High quality disposables at a good price with quick and easy delivery

  26. Jackie Barentine

    It was a gift for myself, exactly what I wanted, and exceeded our expectations (shipping within 24 hours, which is another plus)!

  27. N.

    I really can recommend them enough ? as for this flavor it’s interesting but not one of my favorites. The vape lasted a very long time definitely great value for money

  28. Lindsay

    The vapes we ordered have been great. Huge fan of IGET GOAT STRAWBERRY KIWI

  29. Bronwyn Harrison

    Great service thank you. Arrived within 2 days.?????? Love the strawberry kiwi.

  30. Brian Dousset

    Best vapes around

  31. Z.B.

    Great flavour, very smooth to inhale, super quick shipping, great if you want to give up smoking or want a better taste.

  32. Lori D.

    The flavors of the vapes are amazing. 

  33. Hiep jason

    Great flavour but bad express ..

  34. Sangkyung

    Good taste and tank size 5000 puffs i love it !

  35. Jarrod Ayerst

    Very happy with the Vapes.

  36. Marc E.

    delivers a flavourful vape and is a perfect device for taking to work.

  37. Chhimi Tshering

    One of my favs

  38. Kim C.

    Great value, great vape ?

  39. Peter Pace

    ?????? Great vape !!

  40. Cassandra

    As always, super quick delivery, great taste

  41. Carly W.

    So far my fav disposable. Flavor is prevalent and lasting! Also last longer than any I’ve bought so far! Quality product

  42. Sean Critchley

    It’s one of the best flavours/vapes I’ve had you can taste both flavours and it’s not a weak vape I’d definitely recommend it if you like strawberry or kiwi 100%

  43. Olga Clayton

    Great little vape, easy to use, quick delivery.

  44. Gerard N.

    Bought them for my wife she says they are a excellent vape and flavour is good too

  45. Sophie

    Very happy, great taste

  46. Chen.

    For me by far the best disposable on the market. Flavour, strength and size are just perfect for me.

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