Product Description:

Explore the world of vaping with IGET GOAT (PRO) in the enticing LUSH ICE flavour. With its transparent casing, you can effortlessly monitor your e-liquid levels, ensuring you never run out unexpectedly. The device offers a range of color options to match your personal style while delivering an eco-friendly and health-conscious vaping experience.

One of the standout features of IGET GOAT (PRO) is its efficiency in e-liquid consumption, guaranteeing extended usage and cost savings. The pre-charged 1800mAh battery is perfect for extended outdoor activities and travel, ensuring you stay powered up.It’s not just a vaping device; it’s a lifestyle choice for those who appreciate quality, convenience, and a commitment to a greener future. Make the switch to IGET GOAT (PRO) and elevate your vaping experience today.

Product Features:

  • Size:23*23*122mm
  • Net weight:66.7g
  • Flavour:LUSH ICE
  • Flavour options:13
  • E-liquid Capacity:13ml
  • Battery Type:Pre-charged
  • Battery capacity:1800mAh
  • Puffs:5000 Puffs
  • Nicotine Level:5% (50mg/mL)

Pack Contents:

  • Product:IGET GOAT
  • Flavour:LUSH ICE
Weight0.0667 kg
Dimensions2.3 × 2.3 × 12.2 cm

35 reviews for IGET GOAT (PRO) & LUSH ICE

  1. Kent Jean

    Look, my friend has been using this vape, and he finally told me where he got it, and I ordered it right away, and he didn’t disappoint, you know

  2. Antonio Lucia

    Excellent quality! It’s exactly what I ordered, and it’s better than I expected. Shipping is fast! Thank you!

  3. Anastasia Field

    This is a satisfactory deal and I am sure I will recommend some friends in the near future! Because it’s worth it!!

  4. Duncan IV

    As mentioned in the description, I am very satisfied with it. The quick delivery is a bonus and highly recommended

  5. Marvin Wilde

    Great customer service, I messed up when ordering, the seller was very patient to communicate with me, I think I will continue to buy

  6. Rich K.

    Quick shipping and these things are so easy to use and last for pretty long.

  7. Vivian Michael

    Shipping is lightning fast! It’s very refreshing and generally a very delicate vape. It’s definitely my taste, but I’d recommend it to my friends

  8. Crystal R.

    the taste is good, I like the size, it lasts longer and the fast shipping

  9. Johnny C.

    vape in ivapeman is one of my favorite vape recently, it not only has rich taste, but also the service quality is great, the price is also very affordable, especially some combo, but also will be updated from time to time, I think it is very good.

  10. Michael J.

    Excellent Service and shipping time

  11. Jane Stevenson

    IGET GOAT are definitely the smoothest and nicest vapes I have tried so far.

  12. Ives Maggie

    The taste is what I like. Fast transport!! Surprised at how fast it went and what I wanted.

  13. Lacy E.

    Great vape

  14. Beau D.

    These are definitely high quality in taste and battery life no doubt I will be buying again !

  15. Gigi G.

    really good flavor but strong, service was really good and it came fast. Size is amazing too

  16. brenda L.

    no problems working fine.

  17. Charlie Hill

    Best disposable vape I’ve ever purchased! The flavour is flavoursome and the nicotine strength is perfect for what I need to quit.

    They’re packaged well and was sent discreetly. 5 stars!

  18. Lacey S.

    All the flavors are great and my customers were excited to see the Mega size vapes. Shipping was extremely fast.

  19. Keith H.

    Just what I expected. Fantastic, I love them!!

  20. Sandra J.

    Not only did I save $40.00 on the vapes I ordered I was really surprised to receive my vapes 2 days after I ordered them. I also had a hard time deciding on which flavors of vapes to get because they have such a huge variety of flavors. Will definitely order from them again!

  21. Jessica A.

    These arrived fast and in perfect shape. I can’t beat the price either – win, win, win!

  22. Jessica R.

    These are the only vapes I like. Best flavors, they last long and you always get a great hit. I won’t order any other vapes. Also super lucky this company has great pricing and shipping rates.

  23. Amanda F.

    What a surprise to me, vape from ivapeman!! Their prices are good too! Let me enjoy the goods and enjoy the discount! It was my unanimous choice

  24. Cassie

    Ivapeman’s logistics service is so fast that I am surprised. Both in terms of product quality and after-sales service, vape is better than other websites

  25. Austin W.

    This is the perfect place to buy my favorite disposable!

  26. Melanie

    Great vape love that you can set how much you get will be staying with them last a long time to ?

  27. J.H.

    smooth tangy vape with a hint of sweetness .

  28. Leoni S.

    One of my favourites! Flavours are smooth af.

  29. Chester W.

    Great flavors and are very potent in strength and long lasting.

  30. Nathan M.

    All flavors were delicious, new ivapeman customer.

  31. Lydia H.

    I have quit vapes since using iget goat … amazing ?

  32. mitchell carcar

    I have tried many different brands of vape and this is the smoothest by far! Would highly recommend!

  33. Mikayla Wilkinson

    awesome vapes, haven’t craved a vapes since starting them.

  34. Michelle Ryan

    I love this brand of vape.

  35. EMMA.B

    Ivapeman is one of my favorite sites to visit these days. It makes me feel visually comfortable and the product lasts a long time. I love it

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