Product Description:

The IGET BAR, in its unique PASSION FRUIT WATERMELON JUICE flavour, offers a refreshing and nuanced vaping experience, blending the tropical zest of passion fruit with the sweet undertones of watermelon. This product stands out for its eco-friendly approach, utilizing sustainable materials to minimize environmental impact. Fashionable in design and exceptional in taste, the IGET BAR becomes a social highlight, enhancing user interactions in various settings. Additionally, its cost-effectiveness, combined with advanced vaporization technology, ensures a rich and smooth experience for both casual and avid users. The IGET BAR’s long-lasting battery and wide flavour range make it a smart, stylish choice for contemporary consumers seeking quality and sustainability.

Product Features:

  • Size: 41.2*19.5*94.8mm
  • Net weight: 78g
  • Flavour options: 31
  • E-liquid Capacity:12ml
  • Battery Type:Pre-charged
  • Battery capacity:1500mAh
  • Puffs:3500Puffs

Pack Contents:

  • Product: IGET BAR
Weight0.078 kg
Dimensions4.13 × 2.13 × 9.45 cm


  1. Anonymous

    You don’t have to light up, it doesn’t taste good in the bedroom, you can smoke in the car, you can smoke if you want, it feels good in the lungs, and I recommend it to my brother,Disposable vapes are a great option for smokers who want to switch to vaping.

  2. Bruno Dillard

    I like disposable vapes,so sweet, especially IGET BAR,Than smoke real comfortable, lung is not uncomfortable, throat is not painful, early no phlegm, praise

  3. Rory Barrett

    It is said to be the best flavour to smoke, it is smooth and comfortable, it has a very strong  flavour, but it is not too sweet, it can be smoked for a long time without being greasy, it has a very good flavour reduction, it is very light, it has a moderate aroma of flue-cured tobacco, it is very smooth. There will be a slight return of tobacco at the end, overall very recommended, still buy,

  4. Camilo Kirkland

    The second purchase, Disposable vapes are widely available,very convenient, do not need to light vapes, can smoke at any time, the intensity is also very appropriate, not particularly strong, not too light, the entrance is very comfortable fragrance, and bought before as good, the price is very favorable, this e-cigarette is very recommended

  5. Tyler Young

    I love the strawberry flavour of IGET BAR,Compared to smoke at ease, the fog is not smoke, air purifier does not alarm, smoke at home, living room smoke does not choke, will come again next time

  6. Davis Michael

    Firstly, the price of the IGET BAR Disposable Vape is incredibly reasonable, especially considering the convenience and quality of the product. The affordability of this device made it an easy choice for me as a budget-conscious consumer. Additionally, the disposable aspect of the vape means that there are no additional costs for maintenance or replacement parts.

  7. Holly W.

    High quality product, great price, and a quick delivery. I’m extremely satisfied with this product and the customer experience overall..

  8. Tayler T.

    As always, excellent service and speed from the seller, the machine is a great vape, will definitely order from you all again!

  9. Stephan G.

    The buying experience, as always, was quick & easy with plenty of info to make buying decision. Pricing was great.

  10. bob k.

    Excellent product. Easy draw, long lasting Vape. I prefer the Spearmint but it comes in a variety of flavors.

  11. Buffy H.

    I like how bold the flavors are and how long one vape lasts. So far Bars is my favorite brand.

  12. James Erin

    The flavor is nice. For being able to use e liquid and salts the size is portable to take anywhere, almost. Everyone should have at least one of these in they’re collection.

  13. Jamie A.

    Fastest delivery and great products! Been order only from them for a while.

  14. Karlo S.


  15. Stephan G.

    All the upgrades are over- designed.

  16. Sachin Joy

    I love the IGET BAR! It came quickly, works great and I will definitely be ordering more from this site. Thanks.

  17. Jenny

    I already own one and bought this as a gift! They seem to love it as much as I did! Easy to use, tastes great, stays charged for a decent amount of time.

  18. Sara

    Everything arrived in good shape and even early. No complaints here.

  19. Mary Ann

    High quality product, great price, and a quick delivery. I’m extremely satisfied with this product and the customer experience overall..

  20. Ken P.

    Definitely the best disposable vape out there. What more can you ask for.

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IGET BAR - Passion Fruit Watermelon Juice Disposable Vape - 7000 Puffs, 19 Flavours, 5% Nicotine. IGET BAR & PASSION FRUIT ...


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