Product Description:

Introducing IGET BAR, an attention-grabbing vape in PASSION FRUIT MANGO LIME flavour that stands out in the crowd. With its unique blend of passion fruit, mango, and lime, it offers an unprecedented smoking experience. IGET BAR not only caters to your taste buds but also prioritizes your health and comfort by producing vapor instead of smoke, significantly reducing secondhand smoke risks. What sets it apart is the ability to adjust nicotine levels, catering to both light and heavy smokers, as well as those looking to gradually reduce nicotine intake. All of this comes at a reasonable price, ensuring you get the best value. Enjoy the delightful taste of passion fruit, mango, and lime with IGET BAR.

Product Features:

  • Size: 41.2*19.5*94.8mm
  • Net weight: 78g
  • Flavour options: 31
  • E-liquid Capacity:12ml
  • Battery Type:Pre-charged
  • Battery capacity:1500mAh
  • Puffs:3500Puffs
  • Nicotine Level:5% (50mg/mL)

Pack Contents:

  • Product: IGET BAR
Weight0.078 kg
Dimensions4.13 × 2.13 × 9.45 cm


  1. Rory Barrett

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  2. Cassie

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  4. Jesse M.

    1.I’m happy with what I bought. As listed on the ivapeman website, the taste is good, and it is my favorite flavor, there are various styles, there is a wide variety of feeling, this vape brings me a very new experience, I like it very much, thank you very much.

  5. Gary M.

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  6. Daniel P.

    I have been so impressed with the service and product quality that I have recommended ivapeman to all my vaper friends and Family and so far they have agreed with me.

  7. Andrea K.

    Had a nice curve for grip and good flavor

  8. H B.

    great price shipped fast this

  9. H B.

    Best all in one around

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IGET BAR & PASSION FRUIT MANGO LIME Disposable Vape - 7000 Puffs, 19 Flavours, 5% Nicotine. IGET BAR & PASSION FRUIT ...


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