Product Description:

Introducing the IGET BAR, a vaping sensation that transcends the ordinary. With its signature CHERRY POMEGRANATE flavour and a palette of over thirty meticulously crafted options, it’s not just a vape but a journey into a world of unique tastes. Elevate your experience with IGET BAR, a symbol of sophistication and individuality that tantalizes your senses with every puff.

Experience innovation beyond flavour; IGET BAR is a lifestyle choice. Reducing potential health risks compared to traditional options, it’s the ideal companion for those pursuing a higher quality of life. Immerse yourself in the guilt-free pleasure of vaping, as the eco-friendly vapor minimizes environmental impact. Choose IGET BAR for a harmonious blend of taste and responsibility, setting a new standard for premium vaping.

Product Features:

  • Size: 41.2*19.5*94.8mm
  • Net weight: 78g
  • Flavour options: 31
  • E-liquid Capacity:12ml
  • Battery Type:Pre-charged
  • Battery capacity:1500mAh
  • Puffs:3500Puffs

Pack Contents:

  • Product: IGET BAR
Weight0.078 kg
Dimensions4.13 × 2.13 × 9.45 cm


  1. Noah Thompson

    I’ve vaped a lot of fruit flavors, but Cherry Pomegranate stands out. The authentic fruit taste and the perfect balance between cherry and pomegranate make it a winner.

  2. Oliver Brown

    I’m a fan of unique and vibrant flavors, and Cherry Pomegranate ticks all the boxes. It’s a burst of fruity goodness that keeps me coming back for more.

  3. Ethan Taylor

    Cherry pomegranate is a flavor explosion that I can’t resist. The blend of cherry and pomegranate is both sweet and tangy, making every puff a delight.

  4. William Martin

    When I tried cherry pomegranate, I was blown away by how well the two flavors complement each other. It’s a fruity fusion that makes vaping an adventure.

  5. Laura S.


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IGET BAR & CHERRY POMEGRANATE: Compact 41.2x19.5x94.8mm, 12ml E-liquid, 1500mAh battery, 3500 puffs, 5% nicotine, 31 flavours. IGET BAR & CHERRY POMEGRA...


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