GUNNPOD 2000 VAPE pruduct

The  GUNNPOD 2000 puffs disposable  vape device product is an immaculately classy device with its metal body and ergonomic mouthpiece which generates the silky smooth rich fruity sweetness beyond your expectation. 

Each GUNNPOD device boosts 2000+ Puffs with some of the most fruity and authentic tasting flavours.

Device Details:

    • 1250 mAH Battery Size
    • (5.0%)
    • Resistance 1.6 Ohms
    • Long-Lasting with Approximately 2000 Puffs
    • 8.0Ml E-Liquid
    • Over Inhale and Short Circuit Protection


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GUNNPOD GUNNPOD 2000 Puffs(Buy 1 get 1...


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