23 reviews for 60 × IDOL 600 PUFFS (20 Boxes Random Flavours)- Weekend Sales

  1. Melissa S.

    Very satisfying product! I have purchased several of these now. They are my favorite.

  2. Syd G.

    This is my first vape and I’m loving it.

  3. W.

    Decent battery and vape 600puffs sound about right but a bit stingy hope it worked longer, as I feel that the liquid didn’t ran out but the battery did, really nice though, quite nice for those discreet moments

  4. Peggy B.

    My go-to store for all things vape!

  5. Tom K.

    Awesome. Love this vape.

  6. Jacob M.

    Quick delivery, incredible product! Got me exactly what I needed.

  7. Michelle T

    Love this VAPE

  8. Liz T.

    Yeah their good, this is a rebuy:)

  9. Mario M.

    My new favourite vape.

  10. Steven C.

    These are a new product to me and I think they have the best taste so far and they smoke well.

  11. Marlies S.

    Everyone’s favorite flavor is always blueberry!

  12. Matthew (verified owner)

    Good price but over getting too many grapefruit.
    Not very random when both boxes are the same mix.
    I won’t be purchasing this random mix again

  13. Kaiya D.

    Great flavor, no burn, and extra smooth. Best brand I’ve tried!

  14. Jodie W

    Loving the vape,highly recommend 👌

  15. Jessica Sullivan

    it is ok!

  16. Zac Schneider

    Pleasant purchase, good taste and good quality.

  17. Michael Walters


  18. Emma Newling

    happy purchase!

  19. Maegan Kearns

    Recommend to everyone, very good product.

  20. Sarah Bowley

    The taste is authentic, the taste is good, and a very affordable purchase. Recommend to everyone.

  21. Michael Svic

    I am an e-cigarette lover, this product is very good, cheap and easy to use, I have bought a lot and I really love it.

  22. Tierra R.

    It is amazing and came fast in the mail. Never had and issues. And it last a long time.

  23. ghklh

    The logistics is fast, the taste will be very good, it is worth recommending.

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60-×-IDOL-600-PUFFS-20-Boxes-Random-Flavors)-Weekend-Sales 60 × IDOL 600 PUFFS (20 Boxes ...