Combo Description:

This combo contains five (5) IGET BAR disposable vape device which boasts 3500+ puffs and six (6)idol 600 disposable device which boasts 600+ puffs, random flavours offered


Combo Features:

  • 11 different VAPE in one combo
  • Save up to $40 in this order
  • Up to 11 different random flavour offered in this combo

29 reviews for 5 × IGET BAR + 6 × IDOL 600

  1. Zoe White

    I’m very happy with my purchase. This vape just got a hand, afraid not to be urgently out to try! E-vapes packaging is very good, smoke for a while, feel very good, good taste, smoke is very thick, personally think this price is very worth buying!!

  2. Jarrod Ayerst

    These Vape’s are awesome
    Definitely will be buying again thanks

  3. stacy

    great brand, last a long time!!!!

  4. Samantha P.

    Best vapes I’ve brought, taste like they should.

  5. Benicia Haslem

    Seller is very kind and informational! Love the end result!

  6. Patricia

    The item is beautiful! Shipping, however, is super slow. Allow a lot of time.

  7. Johnston

    My new vapes!

  8. Y.

    taste good. Very strong at first.

  9. Casper DaGoatst

    This is by far the best flavour.

  10. Buzz

    thoroughly enjoyed this vape

  11. Trey Weston

    Love this vape it tastes amazing and i would highly roccomend it

  12. Bronte

    Quality product, no issues at all. very happy

  13. Shannon Hamblen

    vape So cute and sturdy! I can’t wait for her to open it at Christmas.

  14. Jenn Pangelinan

    Can’t wait to give it on Christmas.

  15. Horne

    really works for me

  16. R.J

    Overall very happy with order

  17. Jordan

    Grape ice is great.

  18. Harvey Gill

    really does the trick to make this a crazy smooth hitting vape.

  19. Hendricks

    My clients always like to buy this brand so this time I bought 100 boxes😎

  20. Yasmin

    so so happy with this order it’s gorgeous 😍

  21. Peter Pace

    Great vape !!

  22. BB.

    great product.

  23. Houghton

    Highly recommend.

  24. Ward

    I love this product.

  25. Daniel Le

    Good product and fast service. Five stars.

  26. Kayden Carr

    My friend recommended me to buy it here, the price is very affordable

  27. vva

    Amazing vapes just not my fav flavour.

  28. Lambert

    The product is as advertised

  29. Jackson Kyle

    One of my favourites

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5 × IGET BAR + 6 × IDOL 600