6 reviews for 5 × IGET KING 2600 PUFFS (Random Flavours) – Free Shipping

  1. Jacob b.

    very nice yummy

  2. Karen Ross U.

    Great service

  3. Martin V.

    Big fan of this

  4. Yousif Hurmiz

    The best flavoring disposable at the best price. You really can’t beat it filled with flavoring and not to strong on the mint it’s perfect!

  5. Pavel G.

    A great iget king taste combination. Would surely recommend if you are looking for something new.

  6. Michelle E

    These are my favourite vapes and the best company it’s very fast delivery vapes last longer then any other vapes I’ve used

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5 × IGET KING 2600 PUFFS (Random Flavors) – Free Shipping 5 × IGET KING 2600 PUFFS (Rand...