3 × IGET GOAT + 3 × IGET LEGEND + 2 × IGET BAR Combo Box

IGET GOAT: Enhanced capacity up to 5000+ puffs bas brought IGET GOAT the most advanced electronic IGET disposable vape device and comes up with this adjustable air flow feature allows you to deploy as you like.

IGET LEGEND: With its super long-lasting battery life and its rich range of the flavour options like the perfect blend of aloe mango and cantaloupe, IGET LEGEND has rapidly own this market and IVAPEMAN’ s users.

IGET BAR: From our vape beginner to the experienced vaper, there’s this premium IGET VAPE product line – IGET Bar for your needs. With such lightweight, compact and specially designed body and its massive long lasting battery life, it will make you different.


Combo Description:

This combo contains 3 IGET GOAT disposable vape device and 3 IGET LEGEND disposable vape device and 2 IGET BAR disposable vape device. Random flavours picked and total capacity of this combo is up to 35,500 puffs.


Combo Features:

  • You get to try 3 different most advanced vape series of  IGET VAPE
  • Big capacity at this affordable price will save you up to $40
  • Free shipping offered
  • Up to 8 random flavours offered in your oder



24 reviews for 3 × IGET GOAT + 3 × IGET LEGEND + 2 × IGET BAR (FREE SHIPPING)

  1. Stef

    Fast delivery and great quality! Love the product’s, and discounts apply to different flavours.I have always trusted it, I have bought it many times, and I have been paying attention to those products, looking forward to more new products!

  2. Leoni Strydom

    It arrived very fast. Taste great and you definitely get your money’s worth out of them!Is my favorite vape website, I will always pay attention to, thank you.

  3. Thomas Evett

    Good quality !I like vape of those vapes very much. Since I bought it once, I think it is the vape website that I will buy. I have compared many other stores, and only this Vape website is one of my favorites at present.

  4. Larissa Black

    Excited to receive them Exactly as described and very happy with them !The only one I use now quality products and absolutely first class service.I’ve always trusted it.

  5. Zachary E.

    Great device that gives great flavor and lots of smoke.

  6. Humphrey

    Good quality, exactly the same as advertised, and came so quickly, Recently purchased this flavour and very happy with taste and quick delivery.Is is my favorite vape of late. It has a lot of flavor, a lot of mouthfuls, and it’s very durable.

  7. PUHH

    Loving the vape,highly recommend.

  8. Simon Skaines

    Nice vaping experience.I have bought those vape many times, always like it, always keep an eye on the new products, there are also a lot of special offers can let me save money, love!!

  9. Harrison G.

    My fiancé and I love these so much. Will continue to buy them.

  10. K.X

    Great flavor good vape smooth not a fan of the mouthpiece but overall good vape.

  11. Cody R.

    Great product great prices fast shipping my only source for all my vape needs.

  12. Rebecca B.

    For me the strength and size of the e-vapes is perfect for me.

  13. Hudson

    this is great vape brand!!

  14. Aiden Blight

    Nice quality, shipped fast and nice customer service. Recommend:)Every time there is a new product, I can’t wait to buy it. I have been a regular customer all the time. Besides, the product quality is guaranteed, the after-sales service is timely and the attitude is good.

  15. Selly Gee

    Superb customer service. Fast delivery. Those vapes collection is comfortable to smoke and inexpensive, making it very affordable. And this e-vapes has a lot of flavors. Unlike traditional vapes, vapes have one flavor. And this vape is all about changing eggs. Very convenient. When you get tired of smoking, you can change the flavor. The price is not expensive, but also has a lot of preferential product mix.

  16. Susan S.

    Good flavor, good cool vape, I really like it.

  17. Leoni Strydom

    Has good flavour nice clouds

  18. Chantelle A.

    The flavors of the vapes are amazing. 

  19. XIAO.

    taste good. Very strong at first.

  20. ee.

    For me by far the best disposable on the market.

  21. J.E.

    Love the flavour

  22. Virginia M.

    Very quick delivery

  23. LLL.

    This is the best vape I’ve ever bought and I love it.

  24. Simon Skaines

    Great taste, love it!!!

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