1. This combo contains three (3) IDOL disposable device which boasts 600 puffs+ and three (3) IGET BAR disposable device which boasts 3500+ puffs.

2. You will get any random  flavours for IDOL 600 puffs and any  3 different flavours for IGET BAR 3500 puffs.

3. Free standard shipping is offered to this great combo deal from IVAPEMAN.

19 reviews for 3 × IGET BAR 3500 PUFFS (PICK YOUR OWN FLAVOURS) + 3 × IDOL 600 PUFFS

  1. khue p.

    This vape is very refreshing

  2. Crupa J.

    This vape is great. Really smooth no burnt out taste like majority out there. Definitely worth a buy.

  3. Karen Ross U.

    this is a deliciously fruity vape for all occasions.

  4. Vicky C.

    This little disposable vape delivers a decent hit and nice flavours. Really good value.

  5. Kelly P.

    Great value vapes

  6. Dalia g.

    Very good highly recomend

  7. Kate.A

    love this flavour combo, to my surprise. Highly recommend!

  8. Dylan E.

    Absolutely love these iget vapes, they’re the best disposables in my opinion.

  9. Debbie M.

    I would recommend this firm to anyone products are brilliant and customer service is superb.

  10. Jeffrey B.

    All flavors are great. The perfect amount of taste with every hit..

  11. Nick

    Nice wee vape

  12. Jit

    Small compact disposable with a great taste sensation

  13. Lori D.

    great price, came quickly

  14. ui

    very nice and easy to use.

  15. Julie S.

    They’re amazing, I love every single flavor I bought! Great taste in every puff.

  16. O.T

    My favourite flavour.

  17. Theodore

    I enjoy the vapes a lot and it’s great having such easy access.

  18. err.

    Definitely delicious, will definitely be my new go to flavor, love this vape!

  19. PDR.

    The taste is authentic and I love it.

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