IGET BAR Exclusive Summer Flavour Big Collection Box

The IGET BAR draws its inspiration from the natural and refreshing fruity taste and the creative design elements. With this BAR’s amazing mouthwatering flavours and the perennial massive long-lasting battery life has won IVAPEMAN’s users trust and confidence..

This Vape is a sleek and stylish disposable vape/electronic cigarette that offers a satisfying vaping experience. It has a compact design that fits comfortably in the hand and comes in a range of attractive creative colours. This vape features an advanced atomizer that produces a minimum of rich flavourful vapes of 3500puffs. The powerful battery that provides long-lasting use up to 7-10 days. Since its launch, the bar as a high-quality e-cigarette that combines functionality and style has become the top 3 best-selling vape at IVAPEMAN..


Combo Description:

This Bar Exclusive Summer Flavour Big collection Box contains 20 pieces of electronic disposable vape device which allow you to pick any 2 flavours from our designated 5 most summer flavours list. (Each flavour for 10 pieces of vape)

IVAPEMAN designated 5 most popular flavours list:

IGET BAR Grape Ice / IGET BAR Cola Ice / IGET BAR Blackberry Ice/ IGET BAR Strawberry Watermelon Ice / IGET BAR Blackberry Raspberry Lemon


Combo Features:

  • 20 × IGET BAR electronic disposable vape divice
  • capacity of 3500+ puffs per device
  • Pick any 2 preferred flavour
  • Save you up to $100
  • Free shipping offered
  • Total capacity of this combo is 70,000 + puffs


25 reviews for 20 × IGET BAR (Exclusive Summer Flavour + Free Shipping)

  1. Finlay Doyle

    I think ivapeman gives me a good shopping experience, their vpae has a lot of flavors to choose from and a lot of sips to smoke

  2. Derek Z.

    Nice dependable vape at a great price. Super fast shipping too.

  3. Kent C.

    This might be my latest go-to. Absolutely in love with this brand!

  4. Matan G.

    Simple and easy to operate

  5. William K.

    I already own one and bought this as a gift! They seem to love it as much as I did! Easy to use, tastes great, stays charged for a decent amount of time.

  6. Arnaldo M.

    As always, great product, excellent customer service, fast delivery. My go-to store for all things vape!

  7. Daniel Jenkins

    I’ve always trusted ivapeman’s vape products, I prefer ivapeman to vape products from other sites because it makes me feel comfortable and I really like them

  8. Daniel Honman

    Yeah it was great mate loved the flavour

  9. NM

    My favorite brand! Feels good using it.

  10. Bethany Gillon

    Great flavour! New favourite

  11. Kim


  12. O.

    Beautiful flavour and produces a nice amount of cloud.

  13. Frederick Robinson

    ivapeman all these flavours are very nice and good on price so give them a try for yourself and see what you think of them, my own experience has been amazing.

  14. Jaiden Heaton

    These Vape’s are awesome
    Definitely will be buying again thanks

  15. FF

    I like it.

  16. LLQ.

    This is the best vape I’ve ever bought and I love it.

  17. Sally Cossgrove

    Great service quick delivery

  18. Sean Doyle

    I like this ivapeman of vape because there are so many flavors to choose from, and each flavor gives you a different flavor experience, and it works fast, and it suits me.

  19. Samantha Porter

    Such a great flavour!

  20. Chelsea Arabin

    Very good very nice

  21. llsw.

    Tastes great.

  22. Anonymous

    Oh my God! I love these vape!! ivapeman really makes me happy when I shop, their product quality, logistics speed, after-sales service all make me feel comfortable, so I like it very much. thank you

  23. Jade Adams

    Really liked this one, had a really nice flavour

  24. Maddison White

    Quick delivery, great product!

  25. nff

    This works great and small enough to carry it in my pocket.

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