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Want to indulge in the ultimate vaping pleasure of best iget vape? now available in a variety of mouth-watering flavours Each 4 ×IGET HOT+ 2×IGET BAR + 2 × IGET LEGEND + 2× IGET GOAT   is skillfully crafted with premium ingredients to deliver a luscious and gratifying flavour experience.

Savor an irresistible fusion of exotic flavours with best iget vape, the newest addition to our disposable vape collection. This sleek and fashionable disposable vape is designed to provide a comfortable grip and exceptional vaping experience. With its advanced features, reasonable price, high quality, and user-friendly design, it’s the perfect choice for vaping enthusiasts.

Combo Features:

• Big capacity of total puffs of  47000 puffs at this affordable price
• enjoy different flavours in this combo
• Free Shipping on over 149 for this combo

Product Features:

Content: 5%
Puff: 4000 Puffs
E-liquid Capacity: 12ml
Battery: 1350mAh
Size: 22*22*122mm
Easy to use
Delicious flavour range
Delivery guarantee
Discreet package

5% (50mg/mL)
Puff: 3500 Puffs
E-liquid Capacity: 12ml
Battery: 1500mAh
Size: 41.2*19.5*94.8mm
Easy to use
Delicious flavour range
Delivery guarantee
Discreet package

Size: 23*23*122mm
Puff: 5000 Puffs
Net Weight: 66g
E-liquid Capacity: 13ml
Easy to use
Delicious flavour range
Delivery guarantee
Discreet package

Size: 28*28*145mm
Puff: 5500 Puffs
Net Weight: 65g
E-liquid Capacity: 16ml
Easy to use
Delicious flavour range
Delivery guarantee
Discreet package


  1. Katherine Bennett

    In summary, this disposable vape transcends being a mere product; it offers an immersive experience. From the moment you unbox it to the final draw, every touchpoint exudes excellence and innovation.

  2. Daniel Oliver

    The iget hot vape device is exactly what I was looking for. The large e liquid capacity and substantial puff count ensure I can enjoy vaping for longer. Not to mention, the discreet packaging ensures privacy.

  3. Clara Hudson

    iget goat has been a game changer for me. Its size is perfect, the puff count impressive, and the e liquid capacity meets all my needs. What’s more, it’s easy to use even for a novice vaper like me.

  4. Benjamin Grey

    iget legend and iget bar, they’re just amazing! The combination of a powerful battery and a delicious range of flavours is unbeatable. The delivery guarantee and discreet package are cherries on top of an already fantastic product.

  5. Amelia Harper

    I’m completely blown away by the iget vape combo! The array of flavours is beyond satisfying and with a total puff count of 47,000, it’s absolute value for money. I can’t recommend this highly enough.

  6. Emily Parker

    This iget vape combo is a must have for any vaping enthusiast. Each vape is designed for comfort, easy usage, and maximum flavour experience. The fact that I get free shipping on orders over 149 is just the icing on the cake. Absolutely love it!

  7. Ella Murphy

    The sleek and fashionable design of these devices is the first thing that caught my attention. The comfort they provide along with the incredible range of flavours make every puff a satisfying experience. The total puff capacity is beyond impressive.

  8. Timothy Franklin

    Having been a traditional smoker for years, making the switch to vaping felt daunting. However, this disposable vape made the transition absolutely seamless. Its intuitive design, paired with rich flavours, closely mimics the smoking experience, but with the added benefits of reduced odor and harmful chemicals. The sheer convenience of not needing to refill or recharge makes it a top choice for me.

  9. Jessica Norton

    Amidst a sea of options, this disposable vape stands as a beacon of quality, consistency, and reliability, setting the gold standard in its segment.

  10. Bradley Simmons

    Every element of this vape speaks volumes about the brand’s user-focused approach. The ergonomic design melded with thoughtfully curated flavours ensures an unparalleled experience.

  11. Laura Nicholson

    In my constant travels, this disposable vape has become an invaluable companion. Its compact form factor, combined with leak-proof design, ensures I can enjoy a premium vaping experience irrespective of where I am. The varied flavour options, each meticulously crafted, means there’s always a fresh experience awaiting with each new device. For those on the go, there’s nothing quite like it.

  12. Benjamin Kelly

    The flavour experience in this combo is truly gratifying. The high puff capacity paired with an easy to use design, makes it the perfect choice for me. The discreet packaging and delivery guarantee are the cherries on top.

  13. William Taylor

    I’m a sucker for variety and this combo nailed it. The wide array of exotic flavours keeps me excited and wanting more. Also, the high capacity of puffs, all in one discreet package, simply enhances my vaping journey.

  14. James Smith

    Vaping has never been so enjoyable. Each device offers a different adventure with its unique flavours. They’re user friendly and the design fits perfectly in my hand. But what I appreciate the most is the discreet packaging.

  15. Isabella Walsh

    I’ve always prioritized quality and affordability, and this combo is a game changer. The premium ingredients result in luscious flavours and the high puff capacity is a bonus.

  16. Quintessa Brightmore

    I’ve tried many vape combos in the past, but this one truly takes the cake! The extended battery life made it a joy to use, and the rich, varied selection of flavours added a unique touch to the experience. Plus, the sleek, fashionable look of the device was an appreciated bonus. I’m excited to continue using it and will definitely be repurchasing.

  17. Zephyrus Greenfall

    I was instantly won over by the high-capacity puffs and the stylish design. Each puff was like embarking on a journey around the world with the enticing assortment of flavours. The reassurance of guaranteed delivery put my mind at ease, so I didn’t have to worry about anything at all. I highly recommend it to all!

  18. Madox Thornecliffe

    This vaping experience was nothing short of magnificent! The variety of flavours captivated my senses, constantly keeping my palate excited and eager for more. I was especially impressed by the long-lasting battery life – a real game-changer. And the swift, efficient delivery coupled with the discreet packaging was just the icing on the cake. Truly, this is a satisfying purchase that is absolutely worth every penny.

  19. Everild Nightingale

    This combo is undoubtedly the ultimate one for any vaping enthusiast. I found myself particularly drawn to the range of exotic flavours, each one more intriguing than the last. The overall user-friendly design only enhances the experience, making it easy to use and incredibly convenient. I can say without a doubt that I’m coming back for more.

  20. Cascade Technologies

    I recently tried the iget goal from this combo, and I was blown away by the superior quality and performance. The sleek and compact design fits perfectly in my hand, making it ideal for on the go vaping. The 5000 puffs and generous e liquid capacity ensure that I can enjoy my favorite flavours for a long time. Trust me, this is a must try for all vaping enthusiasts!

  21. Stellar Innovations

    I can’t get enough of the iget bar. The variety of mouth watering flavours in this combo pack is simply amazing. From fruity delights to creamy indulgence, every puff is a burst of deliciousness. Plus, the discreet packaging and easy to use design make it a winner in my book!

  22. Calypso Ravenshade

    I am absolutely blown away by this deal! It was a delight not just to sample such a wide selection of flavours but also to enjoy the free shipping, which was just the cherry on top. The clear commitment to quality and customer satisfaction shines through, and I’m genuinely appreciative. It gets a hearty thumbs up from me!

  23. Radiant Solutions

    If you’re searching for the ultimate vaping experience, look no further than the iget hot. This powerhouse of a disposable vape delivers a whopping 5500 puffs of pure satisfaction. The larger size and increased e liquid capacity guarantee an extended vaping session without any compromise on flavour. Don’t miss out on this exceptional product!

  24. Zenith Enterprises

    I’ve been a loyal customer of iget vape products for a while now, and this combo pack exceeded my expectations. The high quality craftsmanship, extensive flavour range, and long lasting battery make it a top notch choice. With the added benefit of free shipping, it’s an unbeatable deal. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with this purchase!

  25. iget legend

    I rely on my iget legend to provide me with a quick and satisfying vaping experience. The delicious flavours and long lasting battery make it the perfect companion for my hectic lifestyle. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for convenience and great taste!

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