The IGET Legend disposable device is the most advanced device yet featuring 4000+ Puffs. It’s an immaculately classy device with its metal body and ergonomic mouthpiece. Its entire body is made of high-grade aluminium, preserving the flavours to a high standard.

  • – 3 x IGET Legend disposable device
  •   –  18× IDOL 600 disposable device
  • – Compact, Light, and Portable

12 reviews for 18× IDOL 600 PUFFS + 3× IGET LEGEND 4000 PUFFS

  1. Deanna W.

    I’m a vapes smoker n vape pens or vapes have always choked me out, no matter how light I puff one or what brand it is… Until I tried one of these. Lemme tell u… These are superrrrrr smooth n the taste… OMGGG! Anyone who I let try it absolutely loves it first puff.

  2. I.

    Very tasty and very convenient.

  3. Van N.

    Juicy and sweet combination, citrusy orange, classic fruity mango
    This is a hit for any fruit lover!

  4. Jessica A.

    Such a great vape! Couldn’t be happier! Highly recommend.

  5. Michele B.

    The flavors are great. Don’t have a craving for a vapes.

  6. Teri S.

    Another great flavor!

  7. Amber W.

    Simple easy love it and small for a pocket

  8. OOT.

    Very yummy.

  9. Braden B.

    Like this

  10. Pavel G.

    The price is also great.

  11. Liz

    The taste is sweet and delicious. feel comfortable,

  12. Martin G.

    Very good company, very happy with the product.

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18× IDOL 600 PUFFS + 3× IGET L...