The IGET Bar is a device for leisure vaping, 3500 puff made of light 304 Stainless Steel, providing comfortable hand feeling. With amazing flavours and a large capacity, the IGET Bar will be there for whenever you need it.

– 10 x IGET Bar disposable device
– Pre-charged, Simply puff on the device to activate
– Up to 3500+ Puffs per disposable
– Compact, Light, and Portable

23 reviews for 10 × IGET BAR 3500 PUFFS (5~10 Random Flavours) – Free Shipping

  1. Jason Smith Domek

    I have been smoking for over 20 years, and IGET BAR is the best vape I have ever used! It has very smoothy taste and much stronger taste than other brand. I paid a lot on these vaping things before order on IVAPEMAN. Thank you for offering cheap combo! And thank you for your great service! Best disposable vapes in Australia ever!

  2. Lucky. L

    I am a big fan of this brand and this flavor, it’s very smooth.

  3. Perdeep S.

    It’s a good cigarette alternative and satisfying

  4. Jaume S.

    I’m so happy with it, it’s solid and rugged.

  5. Vicki L.

    Love it. i have at least one of each of the major brands and this is my fave.

  6. Tracy P.

    I got a good deal,

  7. Ronnie F.

    It’s amazing love it

  8. Chen.

    this is one my favorite flavors or elf bars. elf bars are also my most favorite from mi-pods! super happy with my purchase.

  9. Ronny T.

    long lasting

  10. George G.

    Great product it holds its flavor till the last puff definitely one of my favorite ones

  11. Angela T.

    Great product absolutely love it. Postage took a very long time sadly

  12. Griselda M.

    Good product third buy good prices

  13. Christopher h.

    Awesome product

  14. Christopher M.

    Easily my fav vape now.

  15. Enrique L.

    Very well made and versatile love the vape

  16. Brennan I.

    Get a good quality battery to make sure it gives the best taste.

  17. Heidi C.

    Finally, the cold taste is the perfect combination.

  18. Geanea M.

    Last forever, taste amazing and had no issues at all

  19. Gabe L.

    Nice flavor!!

  20. Jack C.

    can be used at any time,

  21. Raiph B.

    Compact, lightweight

  22. John R

    like very much

  23. Brooklyn O

    These disposables are very smooth,

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